The Great Sun Way

An American woman journalist comes to Serbia to see off the last breakdown of communism in Europe. She searches and finds a man that she fell in love during the short meeting in the train Paris-Belgrade the same day but 16 years ago, since she hasnt seen him. While the scenes of the revolution occur in the streets of Belgrade and in which they participate, he, a great poet, philosopher narrates to her his dramatic life story about ex regime which prosecuted and finally arrested him like ideologically unreliable and like "people enemy"!

The Great Sun Way is a dramatic story about a Serbian high educated man who because of his progressive and anticipating ideas becomes a victim of the communist regime. Through the tragic destiny of heroes Dushan and his wife Dana (whose arresting was the brutal break of honeymoon), the author talks the story about fall of an artificial regime and the last dictator in Europe.

The film in contemporary and modern way both esthetically and dramaturgically has to make us see the picture of the struggle fight of an artist and philosopher with the reputation well-known worldwide whose thoughts go much before the time that comes. So that expressed emotional tension of the story and the protagonists breaks through the prism of cruel dogmatism one repressive regime to leads finally, after two decades to the triumph of the truth, justice and creation. This strong drama could be placed by genre like melodrama in the form of the politic thriller.

The story develops in three time platforms (rips are followed by logical headlines):actual time-story frame (5-6 October 2000.) period of arresting and prison days (retrospective story which takes the crucial place and represents the spinal base of the whole movie ) and the time before the arrestment (flashback scenes).

Additional scenes which are not connected with time are represented in the scenes taking central places in the beginning and the end of the movie:

-scene with Dushan, like a boy and the great sun way.

-scene of the vision of Dushans defence represented in his Final word in the Belgrade tribunal.

-scene of arrival of Gods and ancestors on ships on the Peace island and their activation in building of the Castle of truth (temple of remember). The island is in the mouth of two rivers (the Great War island in the mouth of the river Sava and Danube).

The next item in the form of enlarged short description as the first version of the systematization of the big structure offered by the interesting life story of dr Milan Mladenovic and done by the motives from which develops the movie.

Belgrade, March 23, 2005